Murray City Storytelling Festival – March 2013 – 1st Ever



Thanks to Murray City Arts and the help of Holly Robison for orchestrating storytelling festivals in most of the elementary schools in Murray. The top storyteller of each school got to tell at the Murray City Storytelling Festival on March 23, 2013. The ending festival was held at the Murray Heritage Senior Center. Along with the kids, regional tellers and seniors also told.

In the month of February I teamed up with Carol Esterreicher to do a Storytelling Festival at Longview Elementary in Murray, Utah. We did two storytelling assemblies to get the kids excited about storytelling. Then we came back to do coaching with the kids who wanted to be storytellers. Carol got to work with the 2nd and 3rd graders and I worked with the 4th through 6th grade. The kids got to choose a story and then begin to practice, practice, practice. Carol and I coached the kids on storytelling tips such as learning to do gestures that go with the story, speaking clearly, having a strong beginning and ending, giving the characters life. The kids stayed after school and were so excited to become storytellers. I could see such growth in several of the kids who were so scared to do their story in front of others and then feeling so accomplished after they did.

The kids got to tell their stories in different classrooms and then at a final festival where the top winner was chosen to tell at the Murray Festival. It was so great to hear the stories evolve and the kids overcome fear and do the best they could.

Carol was amazing to work with and kept us organized. She figured out schedules and was always there early. It was a positive experience and I was thrilled to part of it.