Egg Story Time at the Library April 2014

As a children’s librarian I get to do story time each week. How I love sharing books with the children, sometimes dressing up, and singing silly songs. It is so much fun! I’m going to be adding posts of the storytimes I do. I work with two other brilliant librarians and sometimes they plan they storytimes. We switch off weeks. I’ll keep you posted of which ones I plan. Doing storytime at the library is my favorite part of my job.

Here’s the books I used for the Egg Story time:

“Mamma Hen’s Big Day”

Finding just the right spot to lay an egg can sometimes be a challenge.

“It’s Quacking Time”

This book has lots of “quacking” in it and all the kids got to quack along. You can never quack too much in one story, I always say. There was plenty of quacking for all.

“The Cow that Laid an Egg”

This book is hillarious!

“The Odd Egg”

I love the surprise ending of this book.

“Tillie Lays an Egg”

This is a bit of a hunt and find book where kids get to find the egg that Tillie laid on each page.

We sang the song, “Five Little Ducks Went out to Play.”

Here’s a link to the words.

We had some egg shakers made out of colored plastic Easter egss filled with rice that we danced with. We danced to the music of “The Chicken Dance, ” of course.

The children each received a coloring page of an Easter Basket with eggs in it to color at the library or take home.

There are really a lot of fun Egg books out there. It was a fun twist to an Easter Story time.

Hopefully next time I blog about a storytime I’ll be able to add some pictures. Everything is more interesting with pictures.