Story Time Author Day, starring Mem Fox

It was author day at the library and we read books by the Australian author, Mem Fox. She was born in Australia, grew up in Africa, studied drama in England and returned to Australia in 1970 where she lived with her husband and daughter. She is known for her bright red hair.

First, I asked the kids what an author is. “Someone that writes a book.” We say this a few times and then I introduced our author. I have the children clap their hands on their lap while we say Mem Fox over and over, starting out soft and then getting louder and louder.

Some of her books are of animals you would see in Australia.

The first book we read was “Koala Lou.”

We did a Koala poem and I had five koalas on sticks for five kids to hold. I would have the kids repeat each phrase after me. We did the poem twice.

Five Little Koala in a eucalyptus tree
The first one said, “Hey, look at me!”
The second one said, “I’ve a big, black nose.”
The third one said, “Holding on with hands and toes.”
The fourth one said, “Australia is my home.”
The fifth one said, “I will never roam.”
Five little koalas in a eucalyptus tree
climbing and playing and happy to be free!

The next book was “The Magic Hat.”

In the story the magic hat flew onto different people and when it landed on their heads they turned into different animals. After we read the story I had a wizard hat that could be placed on the head of a child and they could pretend they were an animal. The rest of us would guess what animal they were pretending to be.

It’s fun to be crazy and this book does that…“A Particular Cow.”

This is a CRAZY cow story that gets into all kinds of “particular” situations.

I put on a’ children’s music CD that had the song, “Boom, Boom, Ain’t it Great to be Crazy” which can be found on several CD’s and we did crazy dancing and sang the song. It was crazy fun.

I love the book “Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge” that we did next.

This is a sweet story about a boy who helps an old woman remember. He brings her objects that helps bring memories back for her. After the story I had the objects he brought to her in a basket to see if the kids could remember what memory went with what object. (Objects: sea shell, winner’s medal, football, marionette puppet, and egg)

The last book was “Boo to a Goose.”

This is a quick read and it’s fun to have the kids say, “BOO” with you as it is repeated throughout the book.

Mem Fox has many other fun books. I love learning about the authors and their writing journey. Even though I share a small bit of info about an author with the kids, I learn a whole lot more.

Okay, so I’ve done another blog post without pictures