Farmington Storytelling Festival January 2013

January 19, 2013 was the 9th annual Farmington Storytelling Festival. The people in the area came in from the cold to warm themselves with some great stories. The festival was held in the wonderful Farmington Community Center with the help of Farmington City youth council. It was so fun to be there. In the morning they had different themed rooms for families to choose from. There was School Stories, Princess stories, stories about Bugs and the Potpourri room. I got to be in the Potpourri room with Sharon Rogers. Sharon and I are standing by each other in the picture. She is in red. I brought a treasure chest box which held objects that represented different stories. I let a child pick an object and then I would tell a story that went along with the chosen object. Sharon moved to Utah about a year ago from Tennessee and we all loved the stories she told with her southern accent. During lunch time Claudene Gordon and I worked together on some partici-plays. We invited kids and grownups to come up and help put on a story play right then and there. We all had fun doing these and parents were busy taking pictures while their kids were on stage. There was an ending concert and all who attended had a great time. In the picture is Tamra Pratt, Julie, myself, Sharon Rogers, Rachel Hedman, Gary Hansen, Karl Behling, Rene