Easter Egg Hunt for Special Needs Families at Station Park 04-14


What a great event to be a part of!

Here’s a link to their website: www.utaheasytolove.org

On Saturday, April 19, 2014 I was part of the Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt held at Farmington Station by the Easy to Love group.

Easter Egg hunts can be stressful for kids but this Easter Egg hunt held last Saturday morning brought the fun and joy to all involved. The sun shone down on the many happy faces as they gathered things to fill their baskets, had their face painted, waited to have a special balloon sculpture made just for them and listen to stories. It was Easy to Love being a part of this inspiring event.

I gathered Rabbit stories from around the world to share with the families who opened their ears and gathered in the magic of storytelling. I told of Scardey Rabbit who thought the earth was caving in. It’s another version of a Chicken Little story. Scaredy Rabbit gathers a bunch of jungle animals to run with him or they will all get sucked in to the caving earth. Lion figures everything out.

Rabbit can also be very brave and clever. I told an East India story of rabbit tricking the big fierce tiger. It’s fun to see the smaller creature use his wits to overcome a large, mean foe.

Author, Janet Stevens retold a folktale called, “Tops and Bottoms” and created a darling picture book. I used her version of this Native American tale of Rabbit tricking Bear. This book also teaches how plants grow which is fun to learn about in the spring when all the new plants are coming up. Rabbit and his family plants vegetables in Bear’s field and tells Bear they can split the harvest right down the middle. Bear gets to choose whether he wants tops or bottoms. He chooses tops and Rabbit and his family plants carrots and other root vegetables. You can can imagine the problems this would present.

There are many “Why” stories out there to explain how things in nature have occurred. Such as why leopard has spots, or how giraffe got his long neck, or why rabbit has a short tail. When animals were first on the earth Rabbit had a very long, smooth, silky, divine, exquisite tail. Rabbit loved her tail and told all the other animals about how beautiful her tail was. Use of the saying, “clever as a fox,” would be very apprapo after hearing this tale. A vain rabbit and a smart fox makes for a great story.

I also told some of my other favorites, “The Wide Mouth Frog,” and “Ka’ulu the Strong.”

It was a privilege to be part of this event.