“I would change my plans to go and see Janine as a storyteller, she is always delightful!”
Rachel Hedman, National Storytelling Youth Coach, MS in Storytelling

“She was my favorite storyteller!”
4th grader from Salt Lake City

“I felt like I was in the story!”
7th grader from Bountiful, UT

“Excellent! Engaging! I really got caught up in the story. What a great way to teach about other cultures and their stories. Time stood still. I forgot about my problems and worries for a time.”
Attendee of the Weber State Storytelling Festival, 2010

“She had the children spellbound.”
Robin Doxey, 3rd Grade Teacher

“She is creative and fun to watch. I enjoy her animation. You can actually see the story she is telling. The kids so totally enjoyed her.”
Ami Wilcox, Syracuse

“Janine’s stories are always fun. I love to hear her tell any story.”
Carol Esterreicher, professional storyteller